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Angel is a 2 year old female spayed Border Collie. Angel came into our home after we found her in Madera,ca. She was found in a Walmart parking lot by my husband, our team captain and myself.  We were attending a Flyball tournament with Moorea and Lexi.   Angel was severly hurt and terrified.  She was limping and covered in mud and urine.  We cleaned her up and I examined her.  I work as a veterinary technician. She seemed to have a broken hip.  She stayed with us in our R.V. for the weekend.  I took her to work with me on the next Monday and she was in surgery by that Thursday. She had a fractured femur with the ball still in the socket. Now she has 2 pins and wire in her left hip.  I was told that she would never be a performance dog, and we were ok with that. After all of the physical therapy, massage, and love she became a great dog.  Angel has beaten all the odds.


Splash Dogs Titles:


Personal Best: 13 feet 4 inches


She is the first dog in Splash Dogs to be competing without a left hip.


ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Angel was featured in Dog Sport Magazine for a Splash Dogs article. 


Flyball Titles:

Fastest time: 5.0 seconds




Training for Disc Dog: Debuting SOON!!!